h3. [Overview]

*Envoy MQ* delivers the first generation solution for interoperability between MSMQ and heterogeneous platforms, being a comprehensive implementation of MSMQ for a full range of non-Windows operating systems, including Java, Solaris (SPARC and Intel), HP-UX, AIX, SCO-UNIX, Linux, VMS (VAX and Alpha) and OS/400.
h3. Envoy MQ Components

* *{+}Envoy Message Queuing Connector (MQC)+*, is an external gateway for the Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ) environment. Envoy MQC is installed as a Windows Service and extends MSMQ's capabilities from the Microsoft Windows operating system to other operating systems, and lets you connect systems such as UNIX, IBM AS/400, IBM CICS to the MSMQ enterprise network. Envoy MQC provides a fast and reliable messaging interface between the Windows operating system and other systems. It enables all your applications to use MSMQ store-and-forward messaging. This allows applications to communicate across a network even if the applications are not running at the same time.
* *{+}Envoy MQ Client{+}*, provides the MSMQ APIs for non-Windows platforms. The Envoy MQ Client is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) which allow enterprise developers and Independent Software Vendors ("ISV"s) to quickly develop and deploy cross-platform applications that leverage the power and flexibility of MSMQ on Unix, AS/400 and IBM CICS/MVS mainframe systems. Envoy MQ Client applications can exchange MSMQ messages over the network with any MSMQ application using Envoy MQ Client APIs in the "Java", "C" or COBOL programming languages. Windows based MSMQ applications can exchange messages with any Envoy MQ Client on the network using any of MSMQ's programming interfaces (e.g., using ActiveX enabled tools such as Microsoft(R) Visual Basic or Microsoft(R) Visual C++) as if they were communicating with another Windows MSMQ application.